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San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures
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San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures
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San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures
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Who can fly? Almost anyone! ....we have flown passengers from 6 to 96.
We have flown the timid and adventurous, the agile and the fragile as well as the physically challenged. The only real limitations are youngsters who need to be held or anyone who, because of a health condition, might be adversely affected by a rough landing. check with us for details.

When do we fly? Our flights take place everyday weather permitting, during the months of May through September. We usually launch at daybreak, when the air is cool and the winds are light and predictable. Since safety is our primary concern, we do not fly when surface winds exceed 8 mph.

Where do we fly? We launch from the town of Ridgway, surrounded by the scenic San Juan Mountains. Generally. we fly over the Ridgway valley, the Uncompaghre river and large open pastures. Each flight takes a different course and rarely do we return by air to our starting point.

How high do we fly? Our altitude is subject to wind conditions of the day since we use various wind directions at different altitudes to “steer” the balloon. During each flight we try to fly high enough to get a great overview of the surrounding terrain, however we spend a great deal of time at treetop level where you can pick a leaf, listen to the river rapids or enjoy frequent sightings of wildlife from our unique vantage point.

How long does it take? We ask that you allow up to 3 1/2 hours for the entire experience. You are invited to be on hand when we inflate the giant 7 story high balloon. Then we are off on a 1 hour flight followed by a traditional post flight celebration.

How many fly in the basket?
We can carry up to 4 adults in our balloon, however, the number may vary due larger or smaller than average persons.

How should we dress? Casual, layered clothing, appropriate for the season is best. Even in winter we get warmer as we go. Comfortable hiking or walking shoes in summer and snow boots in winter are fine. We request no shorts or open toed shoes; hats and gloves are handy.

What should we bring? A camera! Video cameras are also welcome. Don't forget the batteries and few extra memory cards. Binoculars, sunglasses and sunscreen might be considered. Also, remember any medicine or dietary needs you might have during the flight. We will have drinking water on board.

Is Ballooning safe? Ballooning, by nature, is one of the safest forms of travel. Balloon pilots and equipment are certified and regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. At San Juan Balloon we put safety first and have maintained a perfect safety record!

Is it rough during the flight? No! In fact we refer to our flights as the “gentle adventure” since there is virtually no sensation in flying as we move with the air mass around us. “Peaceful” and “tranquil” are words our passengers often use to describe the flight.

What is included with our flight? In addition to the actual flight, passengers may, by choice, participate in the inflation, deflation and packing of the balloon. Each flight is followed by a traditional champagne (non-alcoholic available) celebration complete with a delightful continental breakfast. Passengers are then presented with a certificate as a remembrance of the flight.

Do we need reservations? Yes! Reservations are definitely required to assure space aboard. During the summer months it is advisable to reserve at least one month in advance and we recommended that you reserve a date early in your stay so we can have an alternate date in the event of bad weather.

Why should we fly with San Juan Balloons? Experience and location! We have been in the ballooning business for 33 years with over 7000 hours of mountain flying experience. We are family owned and operated assuring you of personalized service and an experience of a lifetime. Ballooning can be a fun experience anywhere but nowhere on earth is there a more scenic, more exciting, or more beautiful place to enjoy your ballooning adventure than Ridgway, Colorado.

San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures
San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures
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