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San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures San Juan Hot Air Balloon Adventures

A hot air balloon flight is one of life’s very special treats and worth doing with one of the best : San Juan Balloon Adventures! Co-owners Gary and Carolyn Woods, now in their 33rd year of operation, have shared the “gentle adventure” with visitors from every state in the U.S. and almost every country in the world! This family business focuses on quality and personalized service.

Your balloon adventure begins at daybreak as you meet your pilot and ground crew. All passengers are then invited to put on some gloves and join the the crew ( optional) as they assemble and inflate the giant 7 story tall balloon.

Once briefed , passengers climb aboard and with a mighty roar from the burners the earliest form of air travel eases gently into the waiting sky. As you drift along there is no movement of air, for you have become the wind and it’s the wind that determines your course and direction.

During the hour long flight your pilot will usually ascend to an altitude which will provide a great overview of the surrounding terrain, but a great deal of the flight takes place at treetop level in order to allow passengers to experience the countryside, engage in conversations with the people below and enjoy frequent sightings of area wildlife.

As your flight ends you descend gently to the valley floor, where you are greeted by a dedicated ground crew and treated to a traditional champagne celebration (non-alcohol available) complete with a light brunch. Each passenger is then presented with a personalized flight certificate.

The experience takes about three hours but the memories will last a lifetime!

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San Juan Balloon Adventures.  Located in Ridgeway, Colorado.
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